FREE courier delivery on all orders above 20.000AMD
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Delivery options in Armenia
Postal delivery in Armenia
Currently, we offer free postal delivery in Armenia via HayPost. Your orders will be delivered to you within 3-5 business days.
Courier delivery in Yerevan
This option provides courier delivery for orders inside Yerevan. The cost of courier delivery is 1000 AMD.
About Rougecoco
We started Rougecoco to bring to you trendy and high-quality jewelry. Rougecoco isn't just a brand name, it's a whole lifestyle we want to encourage to our audience.

It's about being yourself, highlighting your uniqueness and charm.
It's about loving life and living it fully, no matter what.
It's about exploring and discovering the world and yourself in the world.

We want to transfer this feeling to our audience with the help of our fashion jewelry.

Be part of our movement. Join #LivingRougecoco.
Why to choose Rougecoco
You will find the most trendy jewelry on our online shop.
High quality
We sell only high-quality jewelry made with care and love.
Our products will help you craft your unique style and be more trendy.
Be the first to know about new arrivals, discounts and more.
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